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Reappearing Bug
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Author:  LwB [ Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Reappearing Bug

"Known bugs:
"- Configurator and Driver might not display default English keys, when Mac is pure-U.S. and has no other languages enabled. Fixed in 0.56"
This bug seems to have come back in 77c (using Dvorak keyboard)...
Is there any work-around? Can I reinstall a non-angliski language "pack" on my Mac to cure this?
Reinstalled & enabled Russian localization => no effect...
:D ---------------\
PROBLEM SOLVED (props to Support):
1) Close Driver & Configurator
2a) Go to ~/Library/Application Support/Optimus/Layers directory and delete the "Defaults" folder
OPTIONAL-2b) Go to ~/Library/Application Support/Optimus directory and delete the driver app
3) Open Configurator and let it reinstall the Layers folder (& the driver if you deleted it)

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